Registration Form Info

We need to know who's coming!! The past few years have been busy due to COVID and all of our anniversary planning. The one big question we never knew was "Who's coming!?" So, here's the skinny on what we need concerning your registration and to let us know you are coming!

1. We need each person to individually register. This includes kids, too! This is for a total head count, meal selection, and childcare, if needed.

2. No Mr. & Mrs. or dual names such as John & Jane in the First Name block, please.

3. Address/City/State/Zip and a contact phone number

4. E-mail address (for any possible chance we have to cancel or make any changes!) and to ensure you get a registration confirmation e-mail. 

5. Dinner - click one of the options. Kids only for the tenders/nuggets.

6. Check if any food allergies and fill in the section for allergy type, if any.

7. Childcare requirement (for ages 5 and under) - select the appropriate response.

8. Click the Submit button and you will receive a confirmation E-mail soon!

Thanks for registering and hope to see you on the 17th!

Click your browser refresh page after each registration to bring up a new form!

100th Anniversary Registration Form